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I started getting counseling after I finished high school.  When I saw a counselor, I was able to share things I could not share with friends.  I was taught to show a strong front.  I would not express feelings of uncertainty or discouragement.  I would show happiness during good times and show anger when a situation bothered me.  For example, I would be happy with good grades or for getting an award.  I would be angry when I was unable to get help from a teacher for a difficult class or when I was unable to find information I needed for writing a paper.  With counseling I was able to talk about my experiences.  However, I had a hard time sharing my feelings.  I would say what was happening and not how I felt about them.  I would feel discouraged about counseling because it seemed like there was no way for me to stop going to counseling.

Counseling is useful when you have deep feelings and need a safe place to express them.  I don’t recommend you go to counseling instead of talking with friends, though.  Friends can tell you when you say the same things over and over again or when you become obsessed over a specific situation in your life.  Here are some examples of when counseling may be useful.  You have a lot of anxiety about a situation and you have talked it over with many people.  However, the anxiety interferes with your sleep.  Another situation where you may want counseling is when you have been crying easily over things that normally don’t bother you.  That would be an indication of some serious problem in some area of your life, and you may not realize that situation is bothering you so much.  Counseling can help you find out what that situation is and help you sort out your thoughts so you can come up with a solution to that problem.


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