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A better life in Columbus   1 comment

When I first came to Ohio after getting treated for drug treatment in a mental hospital, I was barely able to make decisions for myself.  All I could do was to keep a schedule, go to my appointments and meetings, and study about my drug problems.  Later, I started being able to think about managing my money and make plans for my future.  I did some research about places to live.   Cincinnati had outpatient drug treatment programs and some jobs.  However, I wanted to get a state job.  Therefore, more state jobs were available in Columbus, a state capital.  Therefore, I moved there.

Recovery was very difficult in the beginning of my stay in Columbus.  I got involved with some men who were more interested in controlling my life than in working on their own recovery.   One day, I got a black eye because my ex-boyfriend hit me when we were in bed.  I went to counseling that day, and my counselor helped me get out of that relationship.

I went to counseling for domestic violence, and I met my future husband, who was high-risk for domestic violence based on his background.  I was a little scared to get involved with him.  However, he got counseling to overcome its effects and read the Bible regularly.  I also was studying the Bible, and was working with a mentor who helped me to understand God’s plan for my life.  In the past, I relied on men to guide my life.  I learned how to let God control my life.  As a Christian, I am able to use the Bible and the Holy Spirit to guide me through difficult situations and to find ways to improve my life.

Three years after moving to Columbus, I got a full-time job with a government agency.  I worked hard to reach that goal.  I had part-time jobs while looking for a State job, and I filled out many applications and went to many interviews before I finally got that job.  A few months after getting that job, I married the man who helped me learn about spiritual guidance.   I have worked for the State for 14 years, and am still married to the same man.  I like my job, and my husband and I continue to love each other and support each other.  I do not want to go back to using drugs.  I know I have a good future ahead of me.


My experiences with counseling   Leave a comment

I started getting counseling after I finished high school.  When I saw a counselor, I was able to share things I could not share with friends.  I was taught to show a strong front.  I would not express feelings of uncertainty or discouragement.  I would show happiness during good times and show anger when a situation bothered me.  For example, I would be happy with good grades or for getting an award.  I would be angry when I was unable to get help from a teacher for a difficult class or when I was unable to find information I needed for writing a paper.  With counseling I was able to talk about my experiences.  However, I had a hard time sharing my feelings.  I would say what was happening and not how I felt about them.  I would feel discouraged about counseling because it seemed like there was no way for me to stop going to counseling.

Counseling is useful when you have deep feelings and need a safe place to express them.  I don’t recommend you go to counseling instead of talking with friends, though.  Friends can tell you when you say the same things over and over again or when you become obsessed over a specific situation in your life.  Here are some examples of when counseling may be useful.  You have a lot of anxiety about a situation and you have talked it over with many people.  However, the anxiety interferes with your sleep.  Another situation where you may want counseling is when you have been crying easily over things that normally don’t bother you.  That would be an indication of some serious problem in some area of your life, and you may not realize that situation is bothering you so much.  Counseling can help you find out what that situation is and help you sort out your thoughts so you can come up with a solution to that problem.

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